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  1. deposito-de-tirinhas:

por Adri A.
  2. jfransherlocked:


    I’m still going to call it there and back again

    I was hoping they’d call it The Hobbit: Bilbo gets some screen time

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  3. multifandom-madnesss:

#understatement of the century
  4. artemisizumi:




    #Homer Simpson don’t give a fuck about homosexuality. 

    there’s something bothering me about this place…the girl in green becomes black in the last gif. ಠ_ಠ

    And the girl at the bar suddenly has a tattoo. 

    Lesbians are not bound to the same laws as you mere mortals

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  6. thatawkwarddisneymoment:

    Have you ever tried imagining what The Lion King would be like with real animals?

    Do you even understand how scary this part would be?

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  8. ka-kang:

    Is Hollywood trying to take fashion to a whole new level?

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